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National Technical Honor Society Annual Induction Ceremony

posted May 13, 2016, 4:48 AM by Cole Rogers

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, the Pathfinder Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society held their annual Induction Ceremony.  Students must attain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 to be considered for this honor and exhibit positive character traits.  During the impressive ceremony, fifteen juniors and two seniors were inducted into the society.  The new inductees were escorted by the fifteen seniors who were inducted into the NTHS last year and have upheld their standing again this year.


The newly inducted juniors are: Stephanie Aucoin (Horticulture) of Granby,

Riley Cook (Cosmetology) of Belchertown, Devin Dickinson (Hospitality) of Warren, Cassandra Fedora (Business Tech) of Palmer, Shannon Fiore (Business Tech) of Palmer, Bethany Fricke (Health) of Ware, Hunter Galica (Horticulture) of Hardwick, Savannah Granger (Health) of Palmer, Alicia Griffin (Autobody) of Ware, Jacob Haley (Electrical) of Monson, Devon Lachance (Programming) of Ware, Brandon Proffitt (Programming) of Ware, Paige Sevivas (Cosmetology) of Ludlow, Alicia Shover (Horticulture) of Palmer, Vasilii Trombly (HVAC) of Belchertown.


The new senior inductees are Mikayla Rathburn (Health) of Palmer and Ariah Willemain (Health) of Belchertown. 


The returning senior members were:  Joshua Berube (HVAC) of Ware, Ashley Boudreau (Horticulture) of Belchertown, Jorden Cordes (Health) of Belchertown, Maddison Dexter (Electricity) of Belchertown, Nathaniel Fitts (HVAC) of Warren, Justin Forgue (Electricity) of Granby, McKenzie Goguen (Health) of Palmer, Mackenzie Laisure (Health) of Monson, Mallory Linn (Health) of Monson, Angelique MacPhail (CAD) of Belchertown, Jordyn McCorkindale (Machine) of Palmer, Allison Renaud (Machine) of Belchertown, Phillip Royce III (Electronics) of Ludlow, Willow Winiewski (Machine) of Ludlow, and Lindsey Winship (Electronics) of Palmer. 

Brenda Turner, School Counselor and NTHS Advisor, provided the induction address.  After the ceremony a reception was held in the school’s Cafetorium where students and their guests enjoyed “culinary delights” prepared by Pathfinder’s Culinary Arts students under the direction of instructor Laura Rogers.