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Grades 11/12
Accounting is an elective course offered to students in grade 11 & 12 that introduces double-entry accounting concepts and practices which are used by almost every business. The course is also designed to cover basic business principles since business is the most popular major in colleges across the country. Accounting competencies, skills, and applying more general business skills are also stressed for the student going directly into a career. Students go completely through the accounting cycle for a single proprietorship business, gain a knowledge of banking practices, as well as an improved understanding of business and financial practices. Students are introduced to financial statements and their use and also sharpen their business math skills.

Personal Business Management

Grade 12
This class has been designed to cover entry-level business skills and terminology that will benefit students as they enter the real world. Topics that will be covered in the course include:
  • Computer applications including Microsoft Word and Excel 
  • Business letter writing including cover letters and resumes
  • Job search including job applications and interviews
  • Understanding paystubs (Federal, State, FICA, Medicare deductions) tax statements (W2 and W4 forms)
  • Manual and computerized checkbook management
  • Investments and financial literacy 

Yearbook Journalism

Grades 11/12
The course involves four main components:
  • desktop publishing--learning how to design and create pages using InDesign CS5 and Photoshop (the top programs in the newspaper and magazine industries); 
  • photography—understanding the basics of taking quality pictures; 
  • journalism—the process of reporting and writing the news and packaging it as a product for an audience; and 
  • marketing and advertising—selling and creating ads. 
The end result of the class is Pathfinder’s yearbook.

Business Instructors

Mr. Paul Danielovich


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Business Finance and Career Planning

Business Management