Business Technology

Are you thinking of pursuing a college degree in Business Administration?

Do you dream of one day having your own business? 

If either of these goals are yours, you can make them happen by entering the Business Technology program at Pathfinder. The goal of this program is to prepare students for employment in today's computerized and technical business world.  

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A Simulated Work Environment

We focus on simulating a real business environment as closely as possible. A great deal of emphasis is placed on real world projects that get students involved in problem solving, and encourage them to use their creativity. Technical skills are stressed early on in the first years of the program, enabling students to efficiently and effectively handle larger business simulation work as they progress and become more highly skilled.

Student Intern Program

Students use their technical skills in the Microsoft Office programs to take on varied tasks that are presented on an ongoing basis by the staff and other programs within the school. The Student Intern Program puts students into typical business situations where they provide assistance and support. Some of the areas where Interns function within the school are the Reception Office and the Guidance Office.

Cooperative Work-Study Program

Business Technology students are trained and encouraged to pursue placement in the school’s Cooperative Work-Study Program, and they also qualify for college credit from many of the skills learned in the Business Technology Program.

Shop Courses of Study

Business Management
Customer Service
Web Page Design
Introduction to Business
Software Training in:
Microsoft Office
        • Word
        • Powerpoint
        • Excel
        • Access
        • Publisher
Adobe Suite
        • Photoshop
        • Dreamweaver

Related Theory

Written and Verbal Communications 

Business Technology Instructors

Mrs. Vicky Etzweiler

Mrs. Amy Skowyra

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