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The Pathfinder Carpentry Department includes two areas of instruction, which prepare students for numerous occupations in the carpentry field. All areas of the curriculum are reinforced with theory and applied practice in a separate related classroom. As part of the house and mill curriculum Pathfinder traditionally builds a new home each year. Click here to learn more about how you can accrue substantial cost savings by having Pathfinder build your new home.

Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is presented to beginner students in a shop setting. It includes concentrated instruction in cabinet making, casework construction, furniture production and millwork.
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House and Mill

House and Mill is the second phase of the carpentry program at Pathfinder. House and mill is presented to upper classmen at off - campus job sites; it includes concentrated instruction in house construction remodeling, estimating and millwork.
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Carpentry Instructors

Mr. John Weyant
Mr. Matt Rickson
  Department Heads

Mr. Jim Hurley
Mr. Louis Zglobicki

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