Pathfinder electrical students are exposed to a sequenced curriculum involving safety training and on the job work experience. In grades nine and ten students will learn the fundamentals of the trade and then receive practical experience through "real work" projects in grades eleven and twelve Students receive exposure to all facets of residential and commercial wiring and motor controls. Practical applications may include wiring the "annual house building" project. Additional training includes facility maintenance and telecommunications and computer systems. Co-op is available for qualified candidates.

Freshman Year

During the students freshmen year of Electrical you will be learning the basics of the field. This includes basic circuitry, romex board projects, material and tool identification, occupation introduction, general electrical safety, basic electrical theory, and electrical math with additional support from eleventh and twelfth grade students.

Sophomore Year

When the student moves onto their sophomore year at Pathfinders' Electrical Shop they will be introduced to an intermediate level in work skills including wiring of the mock house systems, BX, MC, and EMT wiring methods. Students will be exposed to large and small appliance operations and schematics. Also during your related periods you will be learning D.C. Electrical theory, electrical math, and residential wiring.

Junior Year

During your junior year in Pathfinders' Electrical shop you will be given an introduction to larger projects and all related safety aspects. You will be learning how to maintain buildings, work on community electrical projects, work on the Pathfinder house building projects, commercial projects using conduit and other various wiring methods, and given an introduction to underground and over head service wiring and upgrade methods. During the related periods you will be learning more about residential wiring, DC theory, and giving an introduction to NEC.

Senior Year

During your final year as a senior in Pathfinders' Electrical shop you will gain exposure on maintaining buildings, community electrical projects, school maintenance, telecommunications and electrical systems. Also seniors will work on commercial projects using wiring various conduit methods. In related class you will be learning the principles of A.C. theory, motor controls, estimations, industrial wiring and the interpreting of blue prints.

Electrical Instructors

Mr. Gerard Costello
Mr. Eric Simard
Mr. Richard Brown

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