The Pathfinder electronics shop hosts an extracurricular robotics team that participates in the VEX Robotics challenge. The team of students design, build, program, and compete with a robot at various schools throughout Massachusetts. The team meets on a regular basis Tuesdays and Thursdays after school (late bus days) and occasionally on other days when team mentors and students coordinate to stay late. The competitions are generally held on Saturdays and Sundays which are regarded as field trips requiring a permission slip signed by the student and a parent.


The robotics team is generally limited to twelve students and is open to any interested student (sophomore to senior) at Pathfinder. Students with mechanical, machining, electrical, and programming expertise are highly encouraged to apply. Interested students should contact one of the Electronics instructors to setup an interview to apply to the team. A minimum shop and related grade of 75 is required as well as a recommendation from your shop instructor to be eligible for acceptance onto the team. If the number of applicants is high, additional criteria such as amount of late, missing, or incomplete shop assignments as well as daily grades may be used to determine eligibility.

Team positions include, captain and vice captain, robot designers and builders, programmers, drivers, parts organizers, game researchers,  fundraisers, Website designers, engineering notebook team, etc..

Team members will apply for desired positions (they may hold more than one) and the mentors will determine the final assignments.


1) Team members are asked to contribute a one time donation of  $25.00 to help offset the costs of team shirts, robot parts, registration fees etc.. in order to support the team. All students are also expected to solicit sponsorships from local businesses such as manufacturers, banks, stores, restaurants, parents places of employment, etc...

2) Team members are expected to actively participate and make positive contributions in their assigned role on the team. They are also expected to attend all the regular season competitions.

3) Teamwork is a major part of the robotics team. Being able to work well with other team members is crucial to the success of the team. All members are expected to work well with the rest of the team without causing conflicts.

4) Team spirit. All team members are expected to wear/display their team shirts and or costumes as decided by the team at all competition events. Gracious professionalism will be expected to be demonstrated at all events as well.

5) Successful teams are generally teams that have a large parent involvement. Parents are encouraged to help with team activities such as raising money, providing rides for students to and from Pathfinder, attending competition events, mentoring the team with technical expertise, etc...

Any questions please contact either of the robotics advisors,

Guy Nyzio -


Frank Legassey -