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Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School offers a variety of different sports for boys and girls both Varsity and JV throughout the seasons. The sports are both boys and girls basketball and soccer, football, golf, wrestling, baseball, softball, and cross country. Since September 2007 we have been sharing cross country with Palmer High. Your eligibility to play sports will be determined by the previous marking periods. Then any report cards issued during the school year. Except for fall sports then you take your final grades average from the previous year.

Athletic schedules are available in the reception office and directions to the games can be found by going to just click on "member school lookup."

Sports Eligibility
1. The student must receive a passing grade in shop.
2. A failure in related class will be considered a "double major failure" (5 credit award). This failure will carry the equivalent of two failures in subjects that meet five times per week.
3. A student must not total more than two failures, or receive no credit in more than two major subjects, or combination of more than one failure and one major without credit that meet five times per week.
4. A student receiving a total of two major subject failures or a double major failure and an additional minor subject (classes meeting less than five times per week) failure will be placed on academic probation for the remainder of the term. Repeating the minor subject failure in addition to totaling two major subject failures will result in athletic ineligibility.
5. Pass a Physical examination
6. Attend regular practice sessions unless they have an approved excuse.
7. Maintain good sportsmanship at all times.
8. Attend school regularly. It is required that students will be in attendance the full day of a game in order to participate. Certain exceptions for bereavement obligations, parent emergency, driving tests, job interviews, etc. will be granted.
9. To return signed parental permission slips to be kept on file by the Athletic Director prior to the start of activity.
10. To conduct themselves properly during the regular school day in a manner beneficial to themselves and their school. Violations of the above regulations may result in dismissal from teams.
It will be the general philosophy of all teams, coaches, and players to stress fundamentals, team execution and place the team before self. Coaches may implement additional regulations, and if they do so, they will be written, distributed to all team members, approved by administration, and made available for inspection.