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Acceptable Use Policy

Because Pathfinder integrates use of technology with curricula, attendance at Pathfinder is an implicit agreement to abide by this Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Students and staff (collectively referred to as users in this policy) are responsible for good behavior when using school technology resources. General school rules for conduct apply. Network administrators may review user data to maintain system integrity and ensure that usage is responsible and appropriate. Users should expect that their data may be viewed by network administrators.

Pathfinder makes a best-effort attempt to filter inappropriate content. However, we cannot guarantee that users may (intentionally or unintentionally) access objectionable content.

Any password issued to a user is for personal use of the recipient. Each user must protect their password and not let anyone else use it. Users are encouraged to change their passwords to something private and secure.

Damage to school technology resources, either physical damage or unapproved reconfiguration, is considered vandalism, and will be suspendable appropriate to the policy and restitution requirements under vandalism.

The following are permitted:

  • Users may connect personally-owned devices to the building-wide WiFi network “PR-PODNET”. Students may use personal devices when under the supervision of an instructor who has explicitly allowed their use. If an instructor asks students to not use personal devices when under the instructor’s supervision, students must comply.

Network name: PR-PODNET

(POD = personally-owned devices)

Network password: pathpodnet

  • Users are strongly encouraged to change school-provided passwords for their accounts to something private and secure.

  • Students may communicate with each other and with staff via their school-provided e-mail for appropriate, school-related purposes.

  • Students may collaborate with each other and with staff via their school-provided Google Apps for Education accounts, which they can access from school devices and personal devices, within the school or at home.

  • Students may contact with any questions or concerns, including requests to unblock websites that have educational value.

The following are not permitted:

  • Accessing PR-SODNET with personally-owned devices.

  • Accessing or sending offensive, inappropriate, or objectionable content.

  • Using school devices for playing video games.

  • Trespassing in another’s data.

  • Making unapproved changes to school resources that compromises security or stability

  • Harassing, insulting, threatening, or attacking others.

  • Intentionally bypassing school security measures.
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