CAD (Pre-Engineering)


Program Description

The primary goal of this program is to prepare the student for entry level employment in the drafting profession or post-secondary education in a field such as Mechanical Engineering Technology, Architectural Engineering Technology, or Engineering. Students who have completed the requirements of the program receive a completion certificate upon graduation and may be eligible for college credits at the community college level through articulation agreements.

Students enrolled in the program have access to a computer lab that utilizes Autocad, SolidWorks, Inventor, and Revit CAD software, as well as multiple 3D printers and robotics equipment. The CAD software is the student’s main tool in creating computer models through assigned tasks or independent design projects. Students can see their ideas and designs come to life by first designing and then manufacturing the product utilizing the 3D printers or other methods.

The CAD curriculum meets the current standards of industry and is aligned with the current Massachusetts vocational frameworks. After completing the junior year, students are eligible to enter the co-op program in which students can get hands on experience in the trade and also earn an income. Certification as an Associate in SolidWorks is also offered.

Proficiency in CAD design principles enable the student to enter a rewarding career with an excellent salary and strong growth potential. CAD is the foundation of all forms of engineering including mechanical, electrical, civil, architectural, landscape, and even video/software design. Almost every item around you such as cellphones, automobiles, homes, and even the space shuttle were created with the use of CAD designs.

Grade Focus

9th Grade:

  • Basic CAD Commands & 3D Modeling
  • Basic Dimensioning
  • Orthographic View Projection
  • Detail Drawings & Drafting Standards
  • Templates and Borders
  • File Maintenance
  • Measuring (Rulers and Dial Calipers)
  • Intro to 3D Printing & Programming

10th Grade:

  • Section & Auxiliary Views
  • Advanced 3D Solid Modeling / SolidWorks
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design Projects

11th Grade:

  • AutoCAD
  • Residential Architecture
  • Construction Terminology
  • Roof and Wall, and Floor Construction
  • House Model Project
  • Beam Design
  • Revit (planned for 2019-2020)
  • Sheet Metal Developments
  • Weldments

12th Grade:

  • Tolerance and Calculating Fits
  • Geometric Tolerance
  • Modeling/Tolerance Control Applications
  • Design Problems/Projects
  • Senior Design Project- Architecture or Mechanical

Hands on Projects

  • Hands on projects will be completed in all eight areas of NATEF - engine
  • Engine Performance
  • Electronics
  • A/C & Heating
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Brake Systems

CAD (Pre-Engineering) Faculty